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It was Atena’s invaluable support and guidance that helped me to become an ELT writer. She gave me a lot of strength, inspiration, and self-confidence. As an editor, Atena is always engaged, meticulous and she never cuts corners. I particularly appreciate her eye for detail, organizational skills, and ability to carry out the publishing process smoothly and professionally. Freelance ELT writers know they can always rely on her support and advice. Her blog and social media groups are invaluable sources of inspiration for teachers and ELT content writers. Always ready to help, well-versed in the latest technological advances, professional and friendly, Atena is a fantastic mentor for those who had the privilege of working with her. I appreciate Atena’s mentoring skills and everything she does for us – ELT authors.

Adrianna Krajewska, ELT Author

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I thoroughly recommend Atena's work: she is conscientious, very competent and a stickler for detail – all excellent traits in an editor! In her role as Senior Editor at OUP, she delivered high quality work and contributed enormously to the success of her projects. In addition she was a valuable team member, raising team spirit by encouraging others to do well too.

Carl Robinson, Publisher, OUP


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