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5 ways to improve your materials NOW!

When I look for new writing talent among teachers, I like to see what they’ve been creating for their own students and other teachers. These days, this is really easy as most teachers who make their own materials share them in teachers’ groups, on their websites or fan pages.

I’ve seen plenty of self-made content, ranging from dreadful to absolutely amazing (and the authors of the latter have already been commissioned by me to write materials for publishers). There are certain things that come up in most of the materials that I see: copyright infringement, inconsistent and unclear rubrics, inconsistent style, messy design, problems with flow and unworkable activities. But these things can easily be fixed.

In this video is my list of the five things that you can do to instantly improve the materials that you create.

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* This video was made especially for Eduweek3 – an online event for ESL teachers in Poland. Special thanks to Karolina Lubas for organizing the event.

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