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Transformations PET FCE KET E8 egzamin ósmoklasisty

Sentence Transformations B1: Part II (Egzamin Ósmoklasisty: parafraza zdań)

This is the second ebook in the sentence transformation series. It’s been written with the Polish grade 8 exam in mind, but it can also help students prepare for secondary school exams, and Cambridge exams. This part focuses on so, such, what, how, too and enough. You can find the first part here. Download ebook

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Scavenger hunt Atena juszko

Nature Scavenger Hunt

I’ve never been into writing early-primary materials, but since I’ve been helping my kindergartner with her home-learning, this age group has grown on me. Inspired by a book that my daughter’s teacher asked her class to read (‘Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt’), I put together this nature scavenger hunt. My daughter

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A day in the life …

Inspired by Katherine Bilsborough’s post of the same title, I’ve decided to write my own day in the life post … as my day is slightly different. This is partly because I have small kids and only part-time childcare and partly because writing constitutes only around 40% of my work and the rest is content

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